01 October, 2008

This one didn't come out the way I wanted it to. It's supposed to be a strong cast shadow obscuring a face as it peers out from behind the protective crook of a tree.

Again from my recent storyboard experiment (my own stuff, though it owes a debt to Ellis Goodson). The three images posted here over the last few days give the (erroneous) impression of a story far more mysterious than what I've really managed to concoct....But a good image for kicking off the month that brings us Halloween.

p.s. I only used two colors for this, a red pencil and a purple pencil (Polychromos by Faber-Castel), and maybe a little desaturation slider in Pho'Sho' (Photoshop) (I think)? I love it when you can get a lot of color out of a limited palette. I do a lot of rubbing with my thumb to mix the colors better, and then erase a little, then add a little more pencil, then rub again, etc.

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Mr Goodson said...

what debt? These are great.

I've been thinking how great it is to have the exact goal you have in your head to become a story artist. Nothing is more challenging and sharpening for the old noodle than picking the shot placement to tell a story.

add your ability at solid and consistent figure invention and you got something.

Honestly, you should just skip trying to find work and just form your own storyboard service ala Frameworks. You'd just be doing commercials but the casharooni flows rich for that type of work.

walle storyboard article


Hey. Frameworks wants to add to their roster of artists. You know a lot of the California Art Institute
guys have dabbled at that. Andrew Burward-Hoy for instance