21 September, 2008

Hey! Today's our sixth wedding anniversary. Yay us.

These Hippos were the result of a challenge laid down by my 8 year old belle soeur. "Whaddya want me to draw?" I asked.

"A hippo...."

"Hippo? Hippos are hard."

"--A hippo--in a tuxedo!"


"No--no--a hippo in her underwear!"

"I'll do 'em both."

Happy anniversary, darling!


Sally Salamander said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rickart said...

Sorry about that... I was posting with my daughter's blogger account instead of mine!

What I was going to say was this:

How romaaaaaaaantic! And how sweet!

Cool hippos, too!

Davis Chino said...

Yeah, I was wondering, how come your daughter never has anything nice to say about my work?

rickart said...

maybe because you never say anything nice about her writing...
She's part of a group of teen who write and share book reviews of books for teens...

Davis Chino said...

(silent Jack Benny take)

rickart said...