01 September, 2008

For a friend. Everyone loves Sally.

p.s. Saw this movie in the 3D rerelease of a year ago and it really impressed me--and much more than my first viewing when it was new. The whole thing seems so much more original and authentic and downright risky than any of the countless CG, Stop-Motion and traditional anim features that have lumbered out of the various studios since then. Made the era of discovery and originality feel very long ago and far away indeed.

And look at the following the film still has! Partly it's just the Goth thing, but I believe a lot of it comes from the movie's honesty. It was honestly just telling its own story its own way. It singlehandedly redeems the word "quirky."

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rickart said...

Amen on all counts!

This film is particularly close to my heart because of a few things:

I've always been a big fan of Halloween.

Another of my favorite films was "Mad Monster Party"

I had a dream about a place very much like Halloween Town (and Christmas town, which in my dream was literally right across the tracks) before seeing the movie and one of the first lines in the film is "a place you have seen, perhaps, in your dreams". I had told my wife about the dream and when we heard that line for the first time we looked at each other and smiled.