22 August, 2008

Rick, here's an example of a fake drawing that is still OK. I saw this lady and liked her look, but in my haste (I was only getting glimpses of her as she moved around the SBUX) I blew the likeness. However the theme I was going for--something like "middle-aged wide-eyed bedazzlement" is sort of there, so why quibble?

For those of you interested, Rick and I were discussing the question of whether I have a photographic memory in yesterday's comments.

101 and counting. She looks so impressed.


rickart said...

Even though this is a "fake" drawing it has the ring of authenticity because it has a basis in life. My inventions are based on observations that have used and re-used for a long time, so they feel much less authentic to me.

I'll take your "fake" drawings any day!

Davis Chino said...

You my friend are very kind.

I do way too much of the repetitious posing too. Even in these life drawings--even in the little things, like the placement of the mouth or the shape of the lips. It's dang hard not to repeat formulas, whether you are conscious of it or not. You're right that drawing from life helps.

ANd being conscious. I mean conscious of what you are doing, not just drawing out of habit.

I haven't been on the TAG blog and it pains me--I must look into this Benefield strip "CORK" immediately!