19 August, 2008

I have pretty good vision, but in one of nature's tit-for-tat gestures toward balance, I have poor hearing. Yesterday I thought I heard Dear Wife say to me, "I'm going upstairs to do some wiccan."
Leaving aside the misused form of Wicca (sp?), why was she suddenly practicing witchcraft? And upstairs? I demanded clarification.

"I said Quicken--Quicken! To do the bills! On the computer."

Oh. Nevermind.

Here's a guy whose head already looks shrunken.


pantagruel said...

My hearing's crap as well -- too many ear infections as a kid seriously damaged my auditory nerve, and I mishear things constantly. I lipread to get around it. ;)

rickart said...

Going upstairs to do Wiccan sounds like a lot more fun than Quicken!

So where can I pick up this Wiccan program, anyway?

My wife thinks I have a small head... I wonder if she's been practicing wiccan upstairs on me...

When can we expect to see some more Rock and Roll lifestyles? :)

Davis Chino said...

I love the comments! Thanks you two. Rick, I have got to get the Rock rolling again. I've been busy with some other silliness--hopefully I'll have something to share soon.

Thanks for the support!