01 July, 2008

Just when I reach the age where a sense of self-irony could really help me...

...I find I have none.

Might it be her problem, too?


rickart said...

Oh, puuleeeze! You lacking self-irony?! You have the gall to write that after creating your self-portrait as a gondolier!?

She looks like Liz Taylor circa "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff"

pantagruel said...

I love the eyes in this one. ;)

Davis Chino said...

Maybe I mean an ability to shrug off outside events. A sense of irony about myself vis a vis the world.

But then, that sounds even worse.

So let's just say I was having a lark!

(thanks for the eye compliment--much appreciated!)

rickart said...

I know what you mean... sigh.