25 July, 2008

For the benefit of the reading public, and my friends from the 'Con (greetings Bernadette and Gretchen), I present the complete "Rock N' Roll Lifestyle" strip.

The 'Con was good, tho' I'm impossibly weak-willed when faced with earnest young artists hawking their earnest comics and related paraphenalia. I kept myself to a budget and still over-spent. But the stuff on view was good, often very good. And I got to flip through one Steve Canyon panel and two Terry and the Pirates! (Caniff, 'natch) Always impressive to see the physical work. Special mention to Jordan Crane, who every year brings silk-screened posters of the greatest quality, and at the most reasonable of prices. I will post his website--trust me, you'll want to buy some. Also had his comic, "Uptight" which I bought. Picked up "Superspy" by Matt Kindt and "That Salty Air" by Tim Sievert over at TopShelf. Thought I'd be able to return today, but it hasn't worked out that way.

note: My thanks (and apologies) to those who've patiently followed the development of this strip as I've parceled it out, one panel at a time (and on multiple websites!). Another "Rock N' Roll Lifestyle" is coming soon...ish.
p.s. dangit, I still haven't fixed the misspelling of "whither."

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