04 June, 2008

Men's hairstyles like this are funny. Especially when they find their way onto the heads of men who aren't obvious fashion plates.

I'm sure it's just jealousy speaking here (I'm cue-ball bald), but mousse'ed up approximations of bed-head (or mohawks!) on grown men just strike me as...coy, I guess. It's fine on yesterday's subject. But picture him ten years on still styling the same 'do. Hmmm.....


rickart said...

heh... I've been reading Little Nemo comic strips lately and I've been noticing that Nemo ALWAYS has bed head... it's pretty funny, actually, and very endering... On a 6 year old, that is.

My little buddy (my son, Tommy) has some serious bed head a lot of the time... very cute.

It looks to me that the guy you drew is trying a variation on a comb-over... trying to cover the fact that he doesn't have a lot of hair to begin with.

Davis Chino said...

Oh, this was no comb-over. It was a deliberate flaunting of excess hair!