11 June, 2008

From the Book Expo.

Today we should be waking up in Sorrento and driving up to Rome.

You may not know this, but Dear Wife and I were married in Rome. Yes, we are that fancy. "Fancy von Fancy," my Dear Pal Rachel said. But I wouldn't go that far.

You can click here to see the church. Father Jonathan is wonderful, and he's written the best book on Rome, which you should definitely buy if you have any interest in Rome, or history, or becoming a couth, culturally literate, Fancy von Fancy-type person.

(It worked for me!)

1 comment:

rickart said...

Wow... I didn't picture you as a "gettin' married in a church" kind of guy.

Looks like you done it up right... a pretty church in Italy... 10 points for style!

In a completely unrelated note, I'm hoping that I will get to see you at Comic Con!