17 May, 2008

Which do you like better?

Look at the mouths.

I flipped the mouth and chin line on the drawing to the right--just a straight X-flip.

I think the modified one on the top is better. More balanced. The out-of-balance feel of original (bottom) always bugged me. I know I posted this head before, but I sincerely want to hear your opinion on this. I think one of (if not thee) biggest weakness I have as an artist is drawing elements of a face "out of alignment", or even X-flipped from the direction they would look best. I don't know why this is--graphic dyslexia? Bad habits?

Moral relativism?


MikeD said...

I like the original... only because I feel like the imbalance is somehow significant in describing this guy.

rickart said...

I have to say that I don't find one stronger than the other.

I do a lot of drawings that are "off" ... I need to do the "hold-the-drawing-up-
trick all the time to insure that my eye hasn't skewed my drawing. I've actually used the Photoshop Skew Transform to fix drawings before.

Davis Chino said...

Rick, I am the skew-master. My drawings are always getting skewed-up--seriously.

It makes me wonder--do left-handed people see the right-handed skew in our drawings instantly? I have been able to detect the same kind of skew in the drawings of lefties, but skewing the opposite direction from our righty-style, of course.

Mike, you're a purist! I assure you, it was bad execution that destroyed all my right-side volume in this guy's portrait--not some character defect on his part!

Bless you both for chiming in. You elevate me.

Mr Goodson said...

Either will do. i think this just shows how great you'd be animating with flash. In-between those mouths now and you've got him enjoying a great evening of wine tasting.

Yongwoo has given me a new book I allegedly must have. Composition for Outdoor Painting. Only sold at...

De Ru's Fine Art Gallery 1590 South Coast Hwy 926

Bellflower. In some seedy area Yongwoo says is scary looking. I may have to take the guy in the drawing in the above post with me.

Davis Chino said...

BELLFLOWER!! I grew up in Downey, and spent at least half of that time just down the street at my grandparents' house in BELLFLOWER.

A bedroom community whose box spring is busted...

...though to be honest, it is much nicer now than it was 10 years ago. If you're going to Bellflower, God's speed!