22 May, 2008

I just couldn't get anything going this morning.

The Starbucks Sisters were working at the 'Gundo. One day I will have to draw them. You may have noticed that I rarely draw any of the employees--it just strikes me as bad form somehow. I'm trying to stay on the best terms possible, but sitting down and drawing for long stretches in somebody else's place of work makes me uncomfortable--and very self-conscious. Today it affected me to the point where I was blocked.

Normally I can establish some sort of rapport with anyone I come into regular contact with (Ellis will testify to this--I'm very personable). But I find that impossible to do when I'm on a drawing mission. With pen in hand, I become aloof. I feel self-conscious. To me anonymity is best for this sort of work.

It was easier when I was going to new SBUX every day.

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