05 May, 2008

Blair liked this section, particularly the eyelash treatment on the lowest head, (the female head with an Asian air).

I think the long-haired head looks like an aged Jennifer Anniston (izzit two "N"'s?).

Blair said Cindy Crawford has had some kind of cosmetic "procedure" and the results have been unfortunate. She never did anything for me.

This was a really good morning, getting back into it after a long stay in Rochester with Dear Pal Pete.

Now if you want to talk about beautiful faces, look no further than this guy. He may not look it to the naked eye, but there was a kind of matinee-idol quality to his face--notice the curl of the hair, the wide-set eyes, the pale blue-ness of same. Also, his expression of confidence.

The girls should have been all over him. He was dressed sharp, too. No, I am not making fun of him--I'm a fan!

He's sort of a West Coast version of Rochester's notoriously wonderful (and much beloved) Herman.

I wish him well.

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