04 April, 2008


There was a sort of grimness to the faces I saw this morning. Even the seemingly happy, carefree ones. Maybe its just the way I was drawing them.

I started on this older fellow and got totally distracted by a friendly South African-accented man who complimented my skills. I cannot claim any poetic truth or likeness for this drawing. In fact, it looks like my old friend Cantor Shelley Merril. I can't really talk and draw at the same time.

Only someone raised in a foreign land would compliment someone drawing in public. That's spoken without rancor. It's probably not true. But in my vast-ish experience, it's true about 70% of the time.

The girl's profile, however, does capture something of that early morning, rushing-to-work-with-wet-hair grimness.

Doesn't it?

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