13 April, 2008

Dear Wife accompanied me to the notoriously chic 'Gundo Plaza SBUX this morning. It's hard for me to relax enough to draw if someone else is with me. I'm pretty antisocial while sketching. But today was great. Thank you, Dear Wife, for joining me! She was not a fan of SBUX coffee ("Too acidic"), but after tasting the new Pike Place Blend, she has changed her mind. I also think her great affection for Seattle has helped woo her into the fold.

It is still a great disappointment to me that I didn't sit down and draw anyone in a St. Louis SBUX. An incredibly necessary cultural comparison, and I failed to perform!!

A very young Boxer pup showed up, (above), and Dear Wife went bananas--though she was very critical of its master ("Who's the leader of the pack??").

Then a very, very young black lab pup showed up, and she was beside herself.

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